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We believe the very best way for us to grow in our faith is together in community. Like Pastor Jimmy always says, "Connection is Protection." That is why we are passionate about everyone finding a Connect Group! Groups are available for families, single adults, men, women and college students/young adults.

Note: Some Connect Groups include families with children. In those groups, the participants are responsible for making their own childcare arrangements to ensure the proper safety and care of their children. Bridge Church is not responsible for childcare arrangements.

Prior to the Covid-19 social distancing restrictions, the groups on the list below were meeting. As of June 1st, some groups are meeting again in person. Some are not. Some are using ZOOM, FaceBook, or conference calls to connect.

Current Groups

Connect Groups on the list below are MIXED unless indicated in parenthesis (Men or Women). Additional details about the group are underlined. Groups are located by NUMBERS on the WALL MAP at the Connect Center.


1. 1:00pm in FBG – The Purple Book

2. 1:00pm in Comfort area

3. 1:00pm in FBG

4. 6:30pm in FBG Kid-friendly


5. 6:00pm- 6:30pm in FBG at Backwoods BBQ

6. 6:00pm at BCF – (Women)

7. 7:00pm in FBG – (Men)


8. 10:00am at BCF – Sewing

9. 1:30pm at BCF (Women)

10. 5:30pm in Mountain Home (near I-10)

11. 6:30pm in FBG – Young Adults

12. 6:30pm at BCF

13. 6:30pm in FBG

14. 6:30pm in Johnson City


15. 9:00am at BCF – (Men)

16. 4:00pm in Student Area – (HS Girls & Moms)

17. 6:30pm at BCF -Women’s (Dinner Provided)

18. 6:30pm at BCF – Grow Class with Pastor Jimmy TBA


19. 8:00am in FBG at Andy’s Restaurant

20. 9:00am – 10am in FBG

21. 10:00am at BCF – (Women)

22. 6:15pm at BCF – Overcomers’ w childcare


23. 6:30pm in FBG

24. 7:00pm at the Whataburger on Main St. in FBG

25. 7:00pm in FBG- First Responders

Find a Group

Let us help you find the group that best fits you. Contact us below and we will be in touch with you.

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