Daily Devotional Reading

Inspiration for Living Above the Fray by Pastor Jimmy Pruitt

Monday May 10, 2021

Thank God it's Monday

I don’t know what your future holds, but I do know who holds your future. God’s got this, better yet, God’s got you! So rejoice and be glad because this is the day the Lord has made! Have a great TGiM! - Jimmy

Photo: Kerry Newcom, Texas Hill Country

Thursday May 6th


Along our journey of faith, there are moments that mark us deeply. I call them spiritual markers. I have been known to say, “That was a moment.” I want to mark these moments as trajectory changers in my life. I just enjoyed one of those moments at our Bridge Church Night of Worship.

These moments shape our experience in God and enrich our lives along the journey. Can you think of moments in your life that have marked you and shaped your view of God and faith? Pause. Breath. Give thanks for the moments along your journey. - Jimmy

Wednesday May 5th

Cranky and Frustrated?

There are seasons of convergence when you feel as if you cannot catch up on rest or get enough sleep. Fatigue sets in and you become overly sensitive, easily frustrated, cranky, and vulnerable to things that normally don’t bother you at all.

That’s when it’s time to set reasonable boundaries, prioritize essentials, and create space to return, rest, be still, and trust God all the more. He invites you into a sacred place with Him to receive and enjoy restoration, renovation, and renewal. - Jimmy

Tuesday May 4th

Be Present

You can be confident that you will bear much fruit that leads to life for yourself and for others. The prerequisite is simple, abide in Jesus, which means to dwell, remain, and be present. Today, choose to rest and abide in Him and He will work through you to encourage and bless others. - Jimmy

Monday May 3rd


The peace that Jesus gives brings that which was disintegrated together into total integration. It’s the kind of peace the world cannot give. Receive it. Enjoy it. Leak it out everywhere you go today. - Jimmy

Friday April 30th

Pure Devotion

Mary had sat at the feet of Jesus, even while her sister, Martha complained. She had watched Jesus’ call her brother, Lazarus, out of a tomb to live again. And now, she intuitively sensed something ominous was on the horizon.

She humbled herself and performed an extravagant act of pure devotion and love. Somehow she understood. Judas was incensed, Martha probably said to herself, “Here we go again,” but Jesus received her extravagant act with grace, kindness, and appreciation. - Jimmy