Daily Devotional Reading

Inspiration for Living Above the Fray by Pastor Jimmy Pruitt

Tuesday September 21

Draw Near

The simplest truths are often the most beautiful and profound. James reminds us that God is waiting on us to make the first move toward Him in this promise, “Draw near...” Take a moment and draw near to Him and know He is, in turn, drawing near to you. - Jimmy

Monday September 20

Hold Fast

The craziness of this time in history is on the edge of overwhelming. We must hold fast the confession of our hope in these “perilous times.” Hope is the joyful and confident expectation of a desired good. Let us hold fast and watch God fulfill His promises. We are not like those who are without hope in this world. - Jimmy

Thursday September 16


The truth, clarity, and hope of this verse has brought me through countless difficulties through the years. If you know Him, I’m sure you would say the same. Rest in this truth today. - Jimmy

Wednesday September 15


Rest in the truth and grace of God’s Word to you today. Nothing can or will separate us from the love of God. You are loved. You are safe. You are His. You are not alone. - Jimmy

Tuesday September 14


The word encourage means “to inspire courage.” Like the missionary Paul said, “Keep doing that!” - Jimmy

Monday September 13


It's comforting to know that the Comforter is praying for us when we don't know what to pray. That is why the Spirit is called the Helper, Comforter, Counselor, Advocate in the Scriptures. - Jimmy