Daily Devotional Reading

Inspiration for Living Above the Fray by Pastor Jimmy Pruitt

Saturday December 3

Not everything we face can be figured out by logic, knowledge and common sense.

Sometimes all you to know is what Joseph came to understand by experience; God incarnate, through His Son, expressed in and by His Spirit.

God put on an earth suit and moved into the neighborhood. Sometimes that is enough. - Jimmy

Friday December 2nd

Hope has been the anchor that has held me through the storms of life. Hope has kept me through loss, grief, illness, depression, death, betrayal, disappointment, slander, humiliation, and doubt. Hope has a name and his name is Jesus. Hold on to hope. - Jimmy

Thursday December 1st

When this truth dropped for me, it was an absolute game changer. It wrecked me then, and it is still wrecking me today. He sees you in 3D and he knows every chink, dent and crack in your armor. Yet, you will never be more loved by him than you are right now. Rest in this beautiful truth. - Jimmy

Wednesday November 30th

No Theatrics Needed

As I slowly made my way toward my treasured Nespresso machine this morning shaking off a good night of sleep, it dawned on me that I am a son of the King. I uttered the words, “Good morning Holy Spirit.”

I am a King’s Kid. No theatrics, bravado or drama is intended in that statement. Just the truth that God loves me, He is with me, and I can engage today confident and empowered by the Spirit of God. So can you my friend. Rest in the truth of who and whose you are. - Jimmy

Tuesday November 29th

Today, show up, yield to Him and leak out His life. Others will be touched and lifted. The kingdom will be advanced. Hope will be released into the world through you. - Ps Jimmy

Monday November 28th

Liturgy of the Ordinary

It’s not unusual to go about your day and at some point realize you have not noticed or been aware of much of anything except your To Do list. You blew through the hours unaware of all of the ordinary grace gifts God left for you along the way.

The Red Oak tree in its full autumn glory. A child laughing in delight at a table across the room because the waitress brought her croutons. The hot air balloon that drifted a few hundred feet across the sky line on your morning drive. All gifts to be opened, enjoyed, and experienced.

Liturgy of the ordinary is about living aware and noticing the seemingly insignificant, nondescript things around your routine that point you to the presence of God in the dailies. His omnipresence (God everywhere) blankets the globe with treasures just waiting to be discovered.

Today, ask the Holy Spirit to give you the ability to become a Noticer, one who sees life in 3D. A Noticer is aware of God’s gifts in the ordinary moments. To a Noticer, a routine day becomes an adventure in discovery and grace. Any fellow Noticers out there? - Jimmy